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A family of desserts

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If it’s yummy, it’s Varshney Sweets.

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About Us

Varshney Sweets is one of the oldest and most well-known family-claimed sweet shops in Budansi, Aligarh. We have been Serving customers our delicious sweets, dairy products, as well as fast food Since 1995. We offer a wide range of cuisines- Bundi Ladoo, Rasmalai, Balushahi, Milk Cake, Rasgulla, Pista Barfi, Pav Bhaji, and other delicious foods. We use the freshest ingredients in preparing our sweets to provide the best quality and taste.

The history began in 1995 when Mr.Pankaj Varshney started the Varshney sweets in their Home Town, Budansi, Aligarh.

On the same side, the customers have given so much love to our unique Milk Products, Sweets, and Pav bhaji, and for the same, we were able to expand our service to a different location in the city. In 2014, We started our new counter with the same name, "Varshney Sweets," at Ramghat Road PAC in Infront of Great Value Mall, Aligarh. It was a time when we added some more varieties of flavorful and mouth-watering cuisine at Varshney Sweets, and the richness and the familiar taste of our Bundi Laddu and Pav bhaji insist customers come again and again and ask for more. In addition, Our Shudh Paneer (Pure Cheese), Rasmalai, Rasgulla, Sonpapdi, and Balushahi, guarantee purity and deliciousness. We prepare our sweets in pure desi ghee with utmost hygiene and care.

In this way, whether it's a party or wedding event, we spread our sweetness all over. We always satisfy the soul of our customers. Our years of experience and fantastic taste represent themselves. The Surrounding and flavors of Vasrshney sweets will definitely take you to a good time, and you will get a real nostalgia with our yummiest and mouth-watering dishes.